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Training That Will Polish Your Truck Driving Skills

As a truck driver for YRC Freight, you’re the backbone of our economy and our customers are counting on you. Our program is designed to polish your driving skills and make sure you’re prepared, confident and safe.

Have less than 6 months experience?

You’ll participate in our Driver Development Program, spending 160 hours with veteran driver trainers who will offer positive, constructive feedback on:

  • Shifting
  • Defensive driving and accident avoidance using the Smith System
  • Freight delivery and customer experience
  • Problem solving for logistics and customer issues
  • And more, depending on your needs

Basically, you hone your driving skills with a trainer dedicated to passing on knowledge, skills and experience to you.

Have 6 to 12 months driving experience?

Our Driver Development Program supplements your learning up until now. You’ll spend 40 hours riding with a driver trainer whose job is to help you improve your skills and confidence.

Military experience?

If you are returning from military service, have at least 12 months of tractor-trailer truck driving experience and hold a CDL, you can go through our military finishing school. You’ll get 40 hours of drive time obtaining real-world experience and training to get you out on the road quickly.

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