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driver 250 x 250Truck Drivers at all levels of experience will find opportunities at YRC Freight

Are you an experienced driver looking for a new opportunity? Do you have a CDL with no experience? Or are you just starting out and interested in driving?

YRC Freight can help.

Whether you have 20 years of experience or you are fresh out of driving school, we have a place for you.  No CDL?  No problem. Our Driver Development Program (DDP) can put you in the driver seat.

We have a program for anyone interested in driving for us:

  • Experienced–YRC Freight welcomes drivers with experience, if you have what it takes to become a member of our elite LTL company.
  • Inexperienced Truck Drivers– YRC Freight is committed to excellence in driver education and provides industry-leading training programs that allow graduate drivers to start earning money immediately while being trained. Drivers with 7-11 months of experience will have a minimum of three days of training; six months and less will have approximately two weeks of training; and CDL with no experience will have four weeks of hands-on training.
  • Student Truck Drivers– Individuals who have completed a certified truck driver training school, have a current CDL with endorsements (hazmat, double/triples, and tanker) and would like to become a professional truck driver can participate in our Driver Development Program. This is a four-week hands-on paid training program.
  • Current Truck Driving School Participants–Students who are currently enrolled in approved certified truck driving schools and are interested in becoming a team player at YRC Freight are encouraged to apply. You will receive industry-leading training with a minimum of 4 weeks of paid training.
  • NO CDL– If you do not have a CDL, you can start on our dock and earn pay while you learn. After securing your CDL with endorsements, you will go through 160 hours of behind-the-wheel, hands-on training while being paid.
  • Active or Ex-Military–With your integrity, character and logistics expertise, you deserve an employer who appreciates your service and history. Learn more about YRC Freight’s military programs.
  • Women in Trucking Partnership– YRC Freight works in partnership with Women in Trucking (WIT), an organization that promotes women’s employment in our industry, to expand recruiting programs and to reach out to truck-stop owners on interstate highways to encourage more female-friendly environments. Click here for more information on WIT.

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